Kind Words
Don Ash of Black-Eyed Susan Acoustic Café comments, “I’m pleased that The Bard Brothers don’t sound like anyone else.
Like all musicians, their sound is influenced by the other artists they appreciate. I guess their innovation comes from adding their talents and insights to this mix.
A friend cautioned me when I said some of their songs are a little dark. That’s not a bad thing. I think their unique flavor makes them a local treasure.”

Songs from our four CDs are listed below. Click a title to play.

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1. Friday Night Blues
2. You Are My World
3. Incredulous
4. Never Understand
5. Got Me a Lover
6. (T)rain
7. Not a Word
8. Grey Café
9. Mood Affected
10. The Best Thing
11. On the Corner
12. Crooked Lake
1. Don't Leave
2. Hoc Fugit
3. Time to Shine
4. Two Beds
5. Orpheus
6. Frosted Teardrops
7. Cat and Dog
8. Tumbleweed Emotion
9. At the Threshold
10. Forget to Breathe
11. Hold the Moment
12. Float Over Me
13. How Can I?
1. Seneca Lake
2. Paralyzed
3. Hole in the Ground
4. Snapshot
5. Blue Horizon
6. Penance
7. No Martyrs
8. Again
9. Stasis
10. Plunge
11. Write Words
12. Déjà Vu
13. Always
1. Opening: Spring
2. Via Me
3. Atlas
4. Ghost Writer
5. Interlude: Summer
6. Waiting for the Sun
7. Sail
8. Still Waiting
9. By My Side
10. Interlude: Summer's End
11. Let Me Sleep
12. Asylum
13. Burned Out
14. Overture: Winter
15. Come Home
16. Remnants
17. Frozen